Women in Tax – Achieving Gender Equity

Some amazing insights for the future of women at The Tax Institute’s Women in Tax event last night and how we can increase the pool progressing their careers .  Take a look at their website and share your story.


Interestingly the speakers presented studies showing that while flexible working hours is one of the obvious key areas to address, this is not only an issue for women.  More men in today’s workforce are interested in spending time with their families and breaking the traditional learned behaviour that this is a role for women.  This would not only lead to equality in the workplace but also the home.

So why is the pool of women progressing with their careers so small?  Traditionally and statistically men still have the capacity to earn more than women so without equality in the pay gap many families are forced to follow the money trail and it seems this is unlikely to change dramatically in the near future.

Marion Fulker – CEO for the Committee for Perth presented facts from their research into Western Australia’s performance in this area which lead to the Filling the Pool Report from 2015.

As the leading think-tank focused on the long term prosperity, liveability and vitality of Perth the Committee for Perth looked at the facts and Western Australia’s performance by any relevant indicator was poor. We had the least number of women on boards and as CEOs in the country and also the largest pay gap.

On a positive note times are changing and some organisations are genuinely supporting the change for equality so the future is looking bright for women who are interesting in pursuing a career.