Kim Roche

Owner Business Development Manager

Some info about me:

I was born in NSW, moved to Cairns when I was 8, then ventured to the west coast for the America’s Cup when I was 21 – and I’m still here.  I once had a work colleague ask me “who was I hiding from”.

My primary school days in Cairns were carefree – no uniform, not even shoes, lots of sunshine and outdoor living.  I finished high school and went off to Business College, and then headed into the workforce.

I booked a holiday to Perth in 1987 to be part of the America’s Cup.  After spending two weeks in WA, I went home packed up and announced to the family I was moving to Perth.  They weren’t very happy.

My first role in WA was as the bookkeeper for Max Kay’s, Civic Theatre Restaurant,  however my accounting career began at Veem Engineering, where I worked for 5 years as an accountant.

Computer software was only just starting to enter the market to manage complex job costing, WIP and financial reporting.  During this time I began studying for my Advanced Diploma in Accounting which I completed in 2008 (I know it took a while).

I met my husband in 1988, who was on a working holiday from Ireland.  Like my trip to Perth, he never returned to Ireland and we got married in 1991.  By 1996 we were ready to start a family so in order to have flexibility to raise my children, I started my own consulting business and became one of the first Certified Consultants to MYOB on Version 2 of the software.

Milestones achieved during this time was the birth of my two sons,  the implementation of GST in 2000 and a contract for Woodside in Mauritania, West Africa.  I was contracted to research and implement a dual language software package and write a training manual which was translated into French for the local staff.

I sold the business in 2005 and worked as a Finance Manager in Aged Care and as a Management Accountant for St John of God hospital in Murdoch.

Then along came BankLink.   I took a risk moving away from hands on accounting and back into software as the Regional Manager for WA.  BankLink had an amazing culture which is still admired today by many large software companies.

BankLink was sold to MYOB in 2013 and after spending some time with MYOB and also CCH, Inside Accounting was established in October 2015 to provide independent and expert advice to accounting practices on software and service providers in the industry.

The industry is on the cusp of major change and I am committed to helping practices either take the leap or even exit if they choose.  Either way there are exciting times ahead.