Employment Hero

What is Employment Hero?

Australia’s employment landscape can be confusing and imposing for many businesses.  It’s full of complex policies and changinglegalities, hard to navigate and even harder to keep up to date.  That’s where Employment Hero comes in.

Employment Hero is a cloud-based HR & benefits platform, designed for SMEs and larger businesses.

Reduces HR admin by 70%

Employment Hero leverages the power of technology to reduce time spent on HR administration by shifting transactional HR into an employee self-service capacity, this allows business owners to re direct this time into core business activities.

Boost compliance

Maintained by a team of the best employment lawyers and HR specialists Employment Hero offers all the tools a business needs to meet workplace complianceobligations.

Go paperless

Employment Hero streamlines time consuming, admin heavy tasks to save businesses time and money.  By keeping everything paperless, we’re looking out for the environment too!